• Father reads bible to family painting

    Making Family Bible Time a Priority

    Our family time is pulled in so many different directions these days. We know we need to be in the Word of God more often, but we struggle with finding the time to do it. There are jobs, school schedules, sports and other extracurricular activities. And sometimes we just need to shut it all down

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  • outdoor nativity scene with light in snow

    Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Outdoor Nativity Sets

    Browse All Nativity Sets Maybe you are celebrating your first Christmas in your new home. Perhaps you have children and want to share the joy of Christmas with them – and your neighborhood – in a tangible way. It could simply be that your old outdoor manager scene one has seen better days. Whatever your More  →
  • Large outdoor nativity set home decoration

    Helpful Guide to Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

    One of the best ways to spread the love and good cheer of Christmas with neighbors and other members of your community is by displaying large outdoor Christmas decorations. Large outdoor Christmas decorations not only show that you celebrate Christmas but that you want the world to celebrate with you. It is a gesture of

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  • Church living nativity with children and animals

    7 Tips for Planning a Successful Live Nativity Scene 

    Did you know that The Radiant Foundation in Provo, Utah holds the Guinness World Record for the most figures in a live nativity scene? In December 2014, the organization’s nativity scene boasted 1,039 participants, including Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, wise men, a camel, donkey, a few sheep, and literally hundreds of angels. While that event

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  • Large-outdoor-christmas-nativity-scene

    Choosing the Right Outdoor Christmas Decorations

    The holidays only come around once a year, which gives you all the more reason to go all-out with your outdoor christmas decorations. When the snow is falling, the weather dips and the man in red slides down your chimney, it’s time to get in the spirit by decorating the outside of your house and

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  • Christmas decorations set up by kids and parents

    Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Nativity Set

    For many people, the nativity set is an essential part of their Christmas decorations year in and year out. Some feel that Christmas doesn’t even officially start until Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus are carefully positioned in their stable for everyone to enjoy. If you’re getting in the holiday spirit, there’s no doubt that you’re

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