Holy Family Nativity Sets for Sale at Outdoor Nativity Store
Holy Family Nativity Sets for Sale at Outdoor Nativity Store
The Holy Family

The Holy Family

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Start sharing the Christmas story with our best-selling outdoor nativity sets. Expand your scene over time with add-ons.

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  • Three outdoor nativity set figures: Mary, Joseph, cradle
  • Collapsible stable
  • Support stakes


  • All-weather PVC plastic
  • Thickness: 3/8″ (stable); 1/4″ (figures)
  • Color sets printed with UV-resistant inks


  • Required tools: hammer or mallet
  • Nativity is supported by stakes driven into ground
  • For installation on a solid surfaces like concrete or wood, an additional hard-surface kit is required
  • Setup takes around 5 minutes


  • Made in the USA

Since 2008, The Outdoor Nativity Store has your trusted source for providing the world with the most durable, easy-to-install Holy Family Nativity Sets.
Our Holy Family Nativity Scene is Made in the U.S.A, with durable, all-weather PVC Plastic.  Which is why your Holy Family Outdoor Nativity has a perfect 5-Star Rating.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call at (866) 916-3736.

Sizes for Every Setting

Choose between our standard, large, and life-size outdoor nativity sets

Setup is Easy

Watch the video and we’ll show you how

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Customer Reviews

  1. Sharon S. Review left on

    We love it!

    I ordered mine and got it less than a week later! You still have time. It looks exactly like the pictures and next year will be adding to my manger scene for sure.

  2. Sharon A. Review left on

    Easy to assemble, easy to store

    Bought the plain white one last year. We love it. Easy to assemble, easy to store, great quality. Can’t wait to put it up again in a week or so.

  3. Vicky L. Review left on

    It is really pretty

    I ordered one last weekend and it is already in my yard. No tax and no shipping. It is really pretty. I ordered the nativity and will add more pieces next year.

  4. Denise F. Review left on

    Everything that they say is true

    Just got my nativity set a few days ago. Everything that they say is true. Easy assembly, beautiful and reasonably priced! I love mine! I look forward to adding pieces as the years go on! Thanks for this great product! God Bless!

  5. Anita A. Review left on

    Hope to see it last for many years

    Received mine today. Yes it was easy to set up Very pleased with nativity design and color. Hope to see it last for many years.

  6. Cindy F. Review left on

    Exactly as described

    I ordered the regular nativity – just the holy family – last week. Received it in about 5 days. It came exactly as described, set up took less than 15 minutes and it looks fabulous! I am a very satisfied customer and hope to add other pieces next year!! Thank you!!

  7. Judy A. Review left on

    Have received compliments from neighbors

    Purchased white silhouette nativity. Easy to setup. Have received compliments from neighbors. Love it. Thanks for making it, perfect for Christmas!

  8. Jeannie M. Review left on

    Hoping I can add a little next year

    I bought just the three piece this year. Mary with Baby Jesus, Joseph and the stable. Hoping I can add a little next year. It’s very durable material. Been wanting one for many a year! Want to be a testimony to those around me of what Christmas is truly is all about. Celebrating the birth of Christ our Savior and Lord.

  9. Anonymous Review left on


    Disappointing. It was fine for 2 years. Then the wind and snow destroyed the manger. I am sad because I loved it.

  10. Anonymous Review left on

    Meaningful and Durable Product Through The Years.

    I started in 2012 with just the holy family and over the following two years bought the other figures. It is now 2019, and they have held up very well.
    We hope our nativity scene continues to influence all who drive by to reflect on the reason why we can really celebrate this time of year.
    Thank you Outdoor Nativity Store for making a meaningful and durable product.

  11. Anonymous Review left on

    Love it!

    We purchased the holy family in 2017 and the shepherd with sheep in 2018. This year we’ll purchase the angel. When we had extremely high winds last year, one of the hooks on the stable broke. The company mailed a whole new stable and we received it in just a few days. Wonderful customer service! I cant wait to set up our nativity again this year!

  12. Anonymous Review left on

    My Christmas Happiness

    I love my outdoor nativity set this will be the first year I will have all the pieces. I started out with just Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the stable. As I could afford it I added the animals, the Shepard, the angel, and this year I’m putting out the three kings. This is such a great way to share the true Spirit of Christmas. I’ve always wanted to put out a nativity but didn’t have any way of storing some of the ones I saw. They were too bulky or big. Outdoor Nativity comes in varied sizes are easy to store. They are so easy to set up. They even provide a video and printed directions with pictures. They don’t take up a lot of space. The craftsmanship is wonderful and I proudly display them. I can’t wait to put them up. Thank you Outdoor Nativity for sharing the true meaning of Christmas so I can share it with my neighbor’s friends and passers-by.

  13. Anonymous Review left on


    I purchased the gold Holy Family two years ago. I just love the size, ease and display this set provides. The Holy Family is a perfect start to sharing the real meaning of Christmas! Can’t wait to add to my Holy Family set this year! Highly recommended “Made in the USA” product.

  14. Anonymous Review left on

    Love it!

    We have the while silhouette Holy Family set. We love it and have received many compliments from neighbors. Can’t wait to set it up this year to share the true meaning of the Christmas season!

  15. Anonymous Review left on


    I purchased the colored Holy Family Set a few years ago. People often stop by and ask where I purchased such a beautiful Nativity Set…I am happy to tell them where and how long I have had mine. The colors are still bright and the set is like new…I live in Florida and we get sun all day long, not to mention the rain in the winter months. I highly recommend this set and I am proud to display it every year…I’m in my 70’s and it is simple to assemble and I put a spot light on at night…storing it in a small box is great as well…

  16. Anonymous Review left on


    We bought our Holy Family set about 4 years ago. We have loved it. It has held up well and has made our Christmas season special! Great quality and easy to set up!

  17. Anonymous Review left on

    Lovely Nativity Display

    I have been using my nativity for several years now. It is holding up perfectly even through wet and freezing cold weather. The white nativity looks beautiful with a small led spotlight shining on it at night and looks good during the daytime too. Easy set up and pack it in the original box from shipping to put away.

  18. Anonymous Review left on

    Perfect Holy Family display.

    We love our outdoor nativity. We have had this set for several years, and it is holding up well in the warm wet weather in Florida. It’s a simple display, but it’s perfect for the message I want displayed at Christmastime. Instructions are thorough on how to set it up, and it fits right back in the sturdy box for storage.

  19. Anonymous Review left on

    I’ve had mine for several years but it looks the same as new. It’s easy to put up and looks great. I love it.

  20. Anonymous Review left on

    I have had my set for several years now. It is easy to set up and have no regrets in buying it.

  21. Anonymous Review left on

    Share the true meaning of Christmas!

    I’ve had this nativity set for three years now and we love it! It’s very well-made and stands up to the Florida sun. I would recommend it to everyone.

  22. Anonymous Review left on

    Display the true meaning of Christmas!

    We have had the holy family and for three years now. It is well-made and the colors have not faded. Even in the Florida sun it looks as good as the day we bought it.

  23. Anonymous Review left on

    A Beautiful Reminder

    I was getting tired of seeing Christmas decorations moving further and further away from my faith. Instead of paying homage to Santa, Mickey or reindeer, I was looking to display the true meaning of the season. I ordered the Holy Family and it arrived on time and it was as described. It has been easy to set up and maintain over the many years I’ve owned it. I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to showcase the true meaning of Christmas.

  24. Anonymous Review left on

    Very easy to assemble.

    I like how easy it is to set up. The colors are bright during the day. At night with lighting, the scene is beautiful.

  25. Anonymous Review left on

    True meaning of Christmas!!

    The Nativity set and the accessories are beautiful. I have my set for years and the color and quality are still as if I just got them out of the box for the first time. Love them. Best thing I ever bought for Christmas.

  26. Anonymous Review left on

    Great Nativity Seen

    Love this, will be putting this up after thanksgiving. So meaning to me and family at Christmas and year around! Easy to install.

  27. Anonymous Review left on

    The True Meaning of Christmas

    My Favorite Christmas Decoration!!
    So pretty, easy to assemble and store. Looks great in the daytime and at night with a light.
    This really represents the true meaning of Christmas.

  28. Anonymous Review left on

    Great company and product!!!!

    We love our set!!! We bought the basic set first and have added each year!!! We have been so pleased with everything!!! The set is so beautiful and the add-one have been easy to find and purchase. The company has been so easy to deal with. They seem to really desire to do quality work and have great customer relations!!!! I’m sooooo happy that I finally found a Nativity set to show the world what Christians is really all about!!!! Thank you!!!
    I would give a 5 star rating!!!

  29. Anonymous Review left on

    Favorite Christmas Decoration

    We purchased the Holy Family back in 2012 and have se it up every year Thanksgiving weekend and take it down shortly after the New Year.

    We live in Southern California. While it has not been subjected to snow, it has sat these past 7 years through drought, Santa Ana winds, heat, cold, and even ash and smoke. I kid you not – the set looks as it did when we first bought it.

    My favorite thing about the set – we know people who rent storage units to store their nativity scenes, while ours fits in a tote while stored at first in the garage rafters and now an outdoor storage shed. We added the remainder of the set a couple of years ago and store it the same.

    If pressed to criticize, in this day and age of portraying ethnicity as correctly as possible, they’re a bit pale.

    The nativity set is by far my favorite Christmas decoration. We’re delighted to remind others that Christ is Christmas.

  30. Anonymous Review left on

    Have the set in white. Added the angel 2 years ago. Love it. Easy to set up and doesn’t take a lot of storage room. Looks great with a light shinning on it at night. Good people to do business with. Will be getting additional pieces in the future.

  31. Anonymous Review left on

    Just perfect

    We are completely happy with our Holy Family set in white. We had a larger set made by another company that was much more labor-intensive to set up and was just too big for our yard. I sold that set on Marketplace (and was just delighted that sooo many people wanted to buy it to keep Christ in our Christmas) and we love our new easy setup set and are putting out in the yard today. It is gorgeous with a spotlight.

  32. Anonymous Review left on


    One of the brackets that holds the stakes was broken in transit but they are sending new brackets and glue. Even offered to send me another Joseph. Had a nice conversation with the owner. He told me what to do so I could go ahead and set my large scene up until I get them. Very easy setup. I LOVE it. I will be adding additional pieces next year.

  33. Anonymous Review left on

    Good quality, colors are still good after 4-5 years

    We bought ours 4-5(?) years ago and the colors are still good. I painted and added at pvc pipe pole in the center of the manger to give more support for when the winds blow. It wavered a lot and I wanted to add strength before it broke. Other than that, we’ve been really happy with it. I’d like to add the three wisemen but but the price is a bit high (money is a little tight right now). Good quality items though.

  34. Anonymous Review left on

    Beautiful Nativity Set!

    I love this nativity! I had admired this nativity set in someone else’s yard so hunted the internet to find where I could purchase my own. When it arrived, I was not disappointed. Items were well packaged and arrived without any damage. Instructions were easy to fallow and manger was super easy to set up. I put up the entire set (Holy Family) by myself in 5-10 minutes. The set is well made and colors are beautiful. I’m so happy with how it looks in my yard. This year we intend to add the Three Wisemen. I highly recommend the product.

  35. Anonymous Review left on


    Amazing and great customer service ! Had an issue with a scam website and the owner was kind of enough to send out a nativity set for the inconvenience. The product is amazing and great quality. I will be telling all my friends and family about this place. We will definitely be purchasing from here again. 10/10. Fast shipping too.

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