Outdoor Nativity Sets from White PVC Plastic
Outdoor Nativity Sets from White PVC Plastic
The Complete Nativity

The Complete Nativity

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A powerful and elegant message for your home or church, the complete outdoor nativity set is never out of fashion.

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  • Twelve outdoor nativity set figures: Mary, Joseph, cradle, three kings, shepherd, two sheep, camel, donkey, and angel
  • Collapsible stable
  • Support stakes


  • All-weather PVC plastic
  • Thickness (Standard / Large): 3/8″ (stable), 1/4″ (figures)
  • Thickness (Life-size): 1/2″ (stable and figures)
  • Color nativity sets are printed with UV-resistant inks


  • Required tools: hammer or mallet
  • Nativity is supported by stakes driven into ground
  • For installation on a solid surfaces like concrete or wood, an additional hard-surface kit is required
  • Setup takes around 20 minutes


  • Made in the USA

Since 2008, The Outdoor Nativity Store has provided the world with the most durable, easy-to-install Outdoor Nativity Sets.
Our Complete Outdoor Nativity Sets are Made in the U.S.A, with durable, all-weather PVC Plastic.  Which is why the Complete Nativity has a perfect 5-Star Rating.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call at (866) 916-3736.

Choose From Three Sizes

The Complete Nativity Set works with any size of home, plus businesses and churches

Installation is Simple

Our step-by-step video walks you through the entire process

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Customer Reviews

  1. Anonymous Review left on

    Highly Recommend

    We started out with the standard size holy family and have added a new piece every year. For us it is important to decorate for the real meaning of Christmas. We shine a spotlight on it and it is lovely. We can have rough winters in our area and it still looks like new. Highly recommend.

  2. Anonymous Review left on

    Attractive and well made

    We have had our nativity for about 8 years. It is very realistic in appearance from the street. We have used a photo to make our Christmas cards. It has held up very well, especially considering the December weather. Easy to clean with mild soap and water. Highly recommend this product. The glue has given away on 2 or 3 of the brackets that hold the stakes, which is not bad for its age.. Recommend making holes so they can be secured with small bolt and wing nut.

  3. Anonymous Review left on

    Bought the basic set several years ago and added an extra figure or two every year till we had the whole nativity scene. Easy to set up, although after the first year I got pieces of rebar and put that in the ground first. Then slipped provided stakes over to have more stability. I too had some brackets to come off but use Gorilla Glue Epoxy to reattach as recommended by Outdoor Nativity Store.

  4. Anonymous Review left on

    A+++++ nativity

    My wife and I have looked for a nice nativity for years. We went with the life size color one full nativity and it is excellent. Very easy to set up and easy to breakdown and store. Parts are durable but not wood so not heavy. I’ve contacted customer service once for a piece I missed and they were responsive and replaced at no cost. Would HIGHLY recommend. Going on my 3rd year to use it and still looks new.

  5. Anonymous Review left on

    Nativity in the Desert!

    Not as easy to set up in the hard desert ground. I’ve installed pic slightly larger than the provided stakes. I cap them when I put the set in storage at the end of the season. East to find and remove the caps for a quick setup! Guess I’m not the only one who likes it because I always have folks looking- day and night! An anonymous person left a box of chocolates and a note thanking me for reminding folks what Christmas is all about!

  6. Anonymous Review left on

    Looking good!

    Purchased our set about 10 years ago. Looks as good now as the day we got it.

  7. Anonymous Review left on

    Easy assembled

    I’ve really enjoyed this nativity set. It was very easy to assemble. Being a senior female I had no trouble setting it up. This will be my third year of putting out for display. Well worth the money if taken care of from season to season should last a long time. I store mine in a shed. Enjoy

  8. Anonymous Review left on

    All around GREAT nativity set!

    I love this nativity set! Sturdy, painted beautifully! We got the Holy family one year then added the 3 wise men and plan to add to it. Easy to put up and take down, goes back in original box for keeping. It does stand a lot better if you use rebar in the back to hold it up. We just put a spot light on it in the evening and it is very noticeable from the street. Love it!!!

  9. Anonymous Review left on

    Fantastic products!!!!

    We’ve had out Nativity set for years and over that time have added other pieces. New to our set is the 3 signs for Joy to the World, The Lord has come!, Alleluia!
    We also have the Easter Cross, the Happy Easter signs, the blue cross with the birds and flowers, (which we leave out all year and it doesn’t fade)and we have the Thanksgiving banner “Give thank with a grateful heart”; that hags in our home.
    As I said the cross we leave outside all year doesn’t fade and neither do any of the other pieces.
    Very good quality.

  10. Anonymous Review left on

    Great Nativity Set

    We purchased the complete nativity set 3 years ago and it is awesome!!! We’ve had many compliments on it every year. I am so excited to display this true meaning of Christmas each year!

  11. Anonymous Review left on

    Worth the Money

    We’ve used it for years, and set it up differently each year. We have LOTS of people drive by and slow down. We have the Standard and added pieces each year for many years; it’s nice the company is willing to do that so we could afford it. It’s great to have size options now; wish that would have been an option when we started. We too have some broken brackets and appreciate hearing how people are repairing them. We have recommended that they offer options for the figures, as many of us would like variety in our scenes. When you only make each figure facing one direction it is rather limiting. We have had ours seven years and it looks just like new. We use follow spots too – making sure the Kings are NOT at the manger, since they weren’t. Keep up the good work!

  12. Anonymous Review left on

    "Jesus' Birth Attractively Displayed"

    We’ve been using the standard size set for about 10 years; we decided to upgrade to the larger size this year. The Nativity scene is the focal point of our yard decorations. We purchased the entire painted sets both times and love the quality of the product. We put it out around Thanksgiving and it remains out until New Years. Year after year it has remained brilliant in coloring and never fades. If you want a beautiful, lasting Nativity Scene for your yard, I highly recommend this company’s product. It is beautiful and well worth the money!

  13. Anonymous Review left on

    It was better than expected

  14. Anonymous Review left on

    Extremely Happy!

    Have had our nativity set since either 2009 or 2010 & I can honestly say the colors are just as vivid as the day the set arrived. We also purchased the Happy Easter sign years ago & it looks just as good as well. Highly recommend.

  15. Anonymous Review left on

    Nativity set

     We are so delighted in our new nativity set. We ordered it on Wednesday and it arrived on Sunday In very good Condition.

    We are delighted with the shapes and color and in ground for securing. We ordered the standard size which was perfect. Very well worth the investment.

    Although we looked at other Nativity sets

     They didn’t compare to yours.

    Can’t wait to display it so everyone can see.

    Thank you very much.

  16. Anonymous Review left on

    Durable lasted years

    I don’t know if you remember us but my wife and I bought one of your first full nativity sets. We are located in RI. The set is now 12 years old and looks like the day we bought it. Its even done well in harsh New England winters.

  17. Anonymous Review left on

    Time weathered and still standing strong.

    We have had the colored nativity set since the company started their business back in 2008. We love it and it has been the main focus of our decorations each Christmas season. Absolutely a great product and can stand up to all kinds of weather and maintain its color and beauty. Easy to set up and easy storage after Christmas and takes up little space. Highly recommend.

  18. Anonymous Review left on

    Beautiful and sturdy set

    We have added to the set each year. Our little grandkids love to help set it up and we get a kick out of their “arrangements “ sometimes. The poor Shepard looks like he’s looking in the opposite direction while the sheep are in the manger! We will enjoy displaying the true meaning of Christmas for years to come.

  19. Anonymous Review left on

    Perfect for our church Nativity Drive Through!

    Our church ordered a few sets in different sizes to create scenes for a Drive Through Nativity during Covid since we couldn’t use people. We chose the white set and lit them up with spot lights. They looked beautiful and held up well! We did end up putting rebars through the taller pieces pvc piping on their backs into the ground to reinforce them since we had some windy days. We had a couple pieces arrive damaged from shipping but Outdoor Nativity was quick to adjust the order and help us fix them or send replacements. They were quick to respond to calls and messages and helped us get our order despite being sold out of certain items and having some crazy shipping delays due to more Covid issues. Thank you so much for a great product and great customer service!

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