• Why Display a Nativity in Your Front Yard?

    The following is the first in a series of occasional¬†blog posts¬†by Outdoor Nativity Store’s owner, Norb Huber, in which he reflects on¬†the significance of the Nativity, the lessons and challenges of¬†running a Christian company, and whatever else he thinks you may like. We call these¬†Nativity Stories. It‚Äôs the time of the year when the leaves

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  • Outdoor Nativity Store Sheep Get ‚ÄėFlocked‚Äô

    Can you imagine looking out your window first thing in the morning to find that your front yard was covered with more than 30 sheep? That’s the surprise that greeted many congregation members of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Evans City, Pennsylvania last spring and summer.  The sheep, which were from the Outdoor Nativity Store

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  • nativity set in Japan missionary yard

    Christian Missionary in Japan Uses Nativity Scene to Reach Community

    Peter O’Neill has served as an American missionary in Asia for more than three decades. In the early 1980s, Peter lived and taught at a university in Beijing and helped bring the Gospel to Communist China. For the past 23 years, he and his wife, Atsuko, have served in a Japanese community about two hours

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  • Old Wagon Creatively Reimagined As Nativity Display

    Nativity Stories profiles some of the most inspiring celebrations of faith by Outdoor Nativity Store customers across America and around the world.  When it was time for Christmas gift giving a few years ago, Debbie Mays told her elderly father that he did not need to worry about shopping for her. She told him she had her eye

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