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  • Nativity scene with Christ child in manger

    Traditions for Placing Jesus and the Magi in Nativities

    One of the most meaningful aspects of setting up a nativity scene inside or outside your home is the opportunity it offers for establishing traditions. Depending on where they grew up and how they were raised, many families have specific customs concerning the setup and the placement of their crèche. Some of these traditions surround

  • Large outdoor nativity set home decoration

    Helpful Guide to Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

    One of the best ways to spread the love and good cheer of Christmas with neighbors and other members of your community is by displaying large outdoor Christmas decorations. Large outdoor Christmas decorations not only show that you celebrate Christmas but that you want the world to celebrate with you. It is a gesture of

  • Outdoor nativity scene in downtown Chicago

    Meet the “God Squad” Defending Public Nativity Displays

    “Our country was founded on freedom of religion, not freedom from religion,” says Jim Finnegan, the founder of American Nativity Scene. “I am not intimidated by people who say otherwise… It is rewarding to stand up to bullies.” Using the precedent-setting court case Grutzmacher vs Chicago Building Commission from 1989, which protects the rights of private

  • Old Wagon Creatively Reimagined As Nativity Display

    Nativity Stories profiles some of the most inspiring celebrations of faith by Outdoor Nativity Store customers across America and around the world.  When it was time for Christmas gift giving a few years ago, Debbie Mays told her elderly father that he did not need to worry about shopping for her. She told him she had her eye

  • Supreme court building with nativity scene

    What the Supreme Court Says About Outdoor Nativity Scenes

    Like clockwork each winter, the debate over the display of outdoor nativity scenes on public property begins. On the news you may here about lawsuits by atheist organizations and civil liberty groups, and, sadly, even vandalism of manger scenes. It can feel like everyone wants to stop your community from presenting a crèche at the

  • Large-outdoor-christmas-nativity-scene

    Choosing the Right Outdoor Christmas Decorations

    The holidays only come around once a year, which gives you all the more reason to go all-out with your outdoor christmas decorations. When the snow is falling, the weather dips and the man in red slides down your chimney, it’s time to get in the spirit by decorating the outside of your house and

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