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  • outdoor nativity scene with light in snow

    Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Outdoor Nativity Sets

    Browse All Nativity Sets Maybe you are celebrating your first Christmas in your new home. Perhaps you have children and want to share the joy of Christmas with them – and your neighborhood – in a tangible way. It could simply be that your old outdoor manager scene one has seen better days. Whatever your More
  • Handmade nativity scene by Fonantini

    How Fontanini Became the Most Famous Nativity Sets in the World

    If you grew up with a nativity set in your home that was a family heirloom, chances are pretty good that is was a Fontanini Nativity set. The Fontanini tradition dates back to the late 1800s when company founder Emanuele Fontanini began creating crèche figures in the little town of Bagni di Lucca located in

  • Large outdoor nativity set home decoration

    Helpful Guide to Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

    One of the best ways to spread the love and good cheer of Christmas with neighbors and other members of your community is by displaying large outdoor Christmas decorations. Large outdoor Christmas decorations not only show that you celebrate Christmas but that you want the world to celebrate with you. It is a gesture of

  • crib for baby Jesus, or presepe

    What are Presepios? (And What Are Politicians Doing in the Manger?)

    Every year on December 8 – a day known as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception – many Italian families take pride in displaying a presepio, or nativity scene, in their homes. In addition to the Holy Family, shepherds and animals, Italian presepios include townspeople and elaborate details such as lighting and even running water.

  • Friends of Creche members examining nativity

    Friends of the Creche: A Group of Nativity Scene Enthusiasts

    It was when she was a college junior studying in France for a semester abroad program that Sydne Yanko-Jongbloed first saw Santons, the handmade terracotta nativity figures that depict everyday life in a traditional Provencal village. Intrigued and delighted with the details and the colors of the small figures, she purchased a set to take

  • Old Wagon Creatively Reimagined As Nativity Display

    Nativity Stories profiles some of the most inspiring celebrations of faith by Outdoor Nativity Store customers across America and around the world.  When it was time for Christmas gift giving a few years ago, Debbie Mays told her elderly father that he did not need to worry about shopping for her. She told him she had her eye

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