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  • Detail of colorful terra cotta nativity from Mexico

    How Nativity Scenes Reflect Local Cultures

    In a moving testimony to the power of faith and to the promise of Christmas, nativity scenes are a holiday tradition all over the world. While their basic elements – the Holy Family, animals, shepherds, and the Magi – are similar, their designs and materials vary dramatically. In fact, nativity sets can even be collectible pieces

  • Nativity scene with Christ child in manger

    Traditions for Placing Jesus and the Magi in Nativities

    One of the most meaningful aspects of setting up a nativity scene inside or outside your home is the opportunity it offers for establishing traditions. Depending on where they grew up and how they were raised, many families have specific customs concerning the setup and the placement of their crèche. Some of these traditions surround

  • depiction of Christ birth in art

    The Art of the Nativity: Paintings

    It comes as no surprise that one of the world’s best-loved stories – the story of the birth of Jesus – has been the subject of many artists’ work over the centuries. One of the oldest known paintings of the Nativity is a faded fresco on the Roman catacombs of St. Sebastiano. It bears the

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