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  • Outdoor nativity scene in downtown Chicago

    Meet the “God Squad” Defending Public Nativity Displays

    “Our country was founded on freedom of religion, not freedom from religion,” says Jim Finnegan, the founder of American Nativity Scene. “I am not intimidated by people who say otherwise… It is rewarding to stand up to bullies.” Using the precedent-setting court case Grutzmacher vs Chicago Building Commission from 1989, which protects the rights of private

  • crib for baby Jesus, or presepe

    What are Presepios? (And What Are Politicians Doing in the Manger?)

    Every year on December 8 – a day known as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception – many Italian families take pride in displaying a presepio, or nativity scene, in their homes. In addition to the Holy Family, shepherds and animals, Italian presepios include townspeople and elaborate details such as lighting and even running water.

  • Friends of Creche members examining nativity

    Friends of the Creche: A Group of Nativity Scene Enthusiasts

    It was when she was a college junior studying in France for a semester abroad program that Sydne Yanko-Jongbloed first saw Santons, the handmade terracotta nativity figures that depict everyday life in a traditional Provencal village. Intrigued and delighted with the details and the colors of the small figures, she purchased a set to take

  • Saint Francis with hands in air

    Saint Francis and the Origin of the Creche

    If a nativity scene is an important part of your family’s Christmas, you already are familiar with this lovely and meaningful way to honor the birth of Christ. You may not know, however, that Saint Francis of Assisi is credited with popularizing the crèche back in the 13th century. St. Francis of Assisi (c 1182-1226)

  • Christmas decorations set up by kids and parents

    Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Nativity Set

    For many people, the nativity set is an essential part of their Christmas decorations year in and year out. Some feel that Christmas doesn’t even officially start until Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus are carefully positioned in their stable for everyone to enjoy. If you’re getting in the holiday spirit, there’s no doubt that you’re

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